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Accepted Papers

Full papers

  • Robbe Berrevoets and Danny Weyns. A QoS-aware Adaptive Mobility Handling Approach for LoRa-based IoT Systems
  • Matteo Ceriotti and Amy L. Murphy. Reins-MAC: Firefly Inspired Communication Scheduling for Reliable Low-Power Wireless
  • Lukas Esterle. Goal-aware Team Affiliation in Collectives of Autonomous Robots
  • Philip Feldman, Aaron Dant and Wayne Lutters. This One Simple Trick Disrupts Digital Communities
  • Julian Hanke, Oliver Kosak, Alexander Schiendorfer and Wolfgang Reif. Self-organized Resource Allocation for Reconfigurable Robot Ensembles
  • Shuyue Hu and Ho-Fung Leung. Do Social Norms Emerge? the Evolution of Agents’ Decisions with the Awareness of Social Values under Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma
  • David King and Gilbert Peterson. A Macro-Level Order Metric for Self-Organizing Adaptive Systems
  • David Burth Kurka, Peter Lewis, Alina Patelli, Aniko Ekart and Jeremy Pitt. Disobedience as a Mechanism of Change
  • Chenguang Liu, Christine Julien and Amy L. Murphy. PINCH: Self-Organized Context Neighborhoods for Smart Environments
  • Carlos Mera-Gómez, Francisco Ramírez, Rami Bahsoon and Rajkumar Buyya. A Multi-Agent Elasticity Management Based On Multi-Tenant Debt Exchanges
  • Jeremy Pitt and Josiah Ober. Democracy by Design: Basic Democracy and the Self-Organisation of Collective Governance
  • Vladimir Podolskiy, Anshul Jindal, Michael Gerndt and Yury Oleynik. Forecasting Models for Self-Adaptive Cloud Applications: A Comparative Study
  • André Reichstaller and Alexander Knapp. Risk-based Testing of Self-Adaptive Systems using Run-Time Predictions
  • Brian Seipp, Karan Budhraja and Tim Oates. Optimizing Transitions Between Abstract ABM Demonstrations
  • Nicolas Verstaevel, Carole Bernon, Jean-Pierre Georgé and Marie-Pierre Gleizes. A Self-Organized Learning Modelfor Anomalies Detection: Application to Elderly People

Short papers

  • Thomas Brand and Holger Giese. Generic Adaptive Monitoring via Runtime Models
  • Karan Budhraja and Tim Oates. Implementing Feedback for ABM Meta-Modeling
  • Mirgita Frasheri, Baran Cürüklü, Mikael Ekström and Alessandro Vittorio Papadopoulos. Adaptive Autonomy in a Search and Rescue Scenario
  • Sharmin Jahan, Allen Marshall and Rose Gamble. Self- Adaptation Strategies to Maintain Security Control Assurance Cases
  • Panagiotis Patros, Kenneth Kent and Michael Dawson. Mitigating Garbage Collection Interference on Containerized Clouds
  • Friederike Wall. Self-Adaptation of Coordination in Imperfectly Known Task Environments
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