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The SASO conference series results from the merger of four workshop series:

  • International Workshop on Engineering Self-Organizing Applications (ESOA): 2003200420052006
  • International Workshop on Self-Managed Networks, Systems and Services (SelfMan): 20052006
  • International Workshop on Self-* Properties in Complex Information Systems (Self-Star): 2004
  • International Workshop on Self-Adaptive Software (IWSAS): 20002001

In 2014, SASO joined forces with ICCAC, the International Conference on Cloud and Autonomic Computing, to provide a common forum for researches interested in the Foundations and Applications of Self* Systems (FAS*). In 2018, ICAAC has been merged with the 15th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC), so this year, for the first time, FAS* will join the SASO and ICAC conferences in a federated event.

Previous SASO Conferences


University of Arizona, Tucson The eleventh edition of SASO was held in Tucson, Arizona, USA.
September 18-22, 2017
SASO 2017 Web Site
Augsburg The tenth edition of SASO was held in Augsburg, Germany.
September 12-16, 2016
SASO 2016 Web Site
PHILADELPHIA The ninth edition of SASO was held in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
September 21-25, 2015
SASO 2015 Web Site
PHILADELPHIA The eighth edition of SASO was held in London, UK.
September 8-12, 2014
SASO 2014 Web Site
PHILADELPHIA The seventh edition of SASO was held in Philadelphia (PA), USA.
September 9-13, 2013
SASO 2013 Web Site
LYON The sixth edition of SASO was held in Lyon, France.
September 10-14, 2012
SASO 2012 Web Site
ANN ARBOR The fifth edition of SASO was held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
October 3-7, 2011
SASO 2011 Web Site
BUDAPEST The fourth edition of SASO was held in Budapest, Hungary
September 27 – October 1, 2010
SASO 2010 Web Site
SAN FRANCISCO   The third edition of SASO was held in San Francisco (CA), USA
September 14-18, 2009
SASO 2009 Web Site
VENICE The second edition of SASO was held in Isola di San Servolo (Venice), Italy
October 20-24, 2008
SASO 2008 Web Site
MIT The first edition of SASO was held at the Massachussets Institute of Technology
Cambridge (MA), USA
July 9-11, 2007
SASO 2007 Web Site
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